Mossad Ebeid


Mr. Mossad Ebeid, CPA is the Managing Partner at Safwat Ebeid & Co, established in 1958 and the Chairman of HLB Financial Consultancies on Securities (SAE), established in 2008. Mr. Ebeid has an extensive 25+ years of diversified experience performing Advisory and Assurance Services, as well as Audit and Tax Services. He ensures the highest professional standards for his clients and strives always to achieve their satisfaction through dedication, hard work and fairness. 

Mr. Ebeid received his CPA from the state of California in 2010 and has been a member in good standing of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants since then. He is a member of the Egyptian Society for Taxation and the Commercial Syndicate under no. 245/95. He is registered in the following authorities and institutions: the Central Bank of Egypt for bank audits; the General Register of Accountants and Auditors maintained by the Ministry of finance under no. 14250 in 1998; the Central Auditing Bureau for auditing governmental bodies and public sector entities; the Experts Register in Northern Cairo as Syndic and Legal Guardian since 2002; the Experts Register in Southern Cairo as Syndic, Legal Guardian and Liquidator since 2002 and Expert Valuator in the Ministry of Internal Trade under no. 481 since 2007.

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